Moloa’a Bay

Moloa’a Bay

Healing for the Web of Life

Location for Healing: Moloa’a Bay, Kauai

Below are the Results of our Group Shamanic Healing for the Web of Life Initiative for Moloa’a Bay. Each Time we Meet; our Intention will be to Restore Harmony and Balance to a Particular Location on the Earth.


Moloa’a  is a Beautiful  Bay and Beach on the North East Coast of Kauai that has come under increasing amounts of environmental stress over the past 5 years.  Translation of the Hawaiian place name is “Tangled Roots”

Severe flooding in 2018 and 2015 has eroded the stream banks, washing debris and contaminants from upstream farms, houses and cesspools down to the ocean.  As recently as 2013 our children used to swim and play freely in the water at the mouth of the stream; now we try to skip over when accessing the northern part of the beach so as not to expose ourselves to contaminant.  Copious amounts of marine debris, including significant amounts of plastics and ocean junk pollute the reef, ocean and shoreline.  Fishing lines and nets have ensnared turtles (we found one dead in the water caught by a line several years ago); as well as a large sail boat that wrecked on the rocks 3 years ago contributed to overwhelming the natural balance of the place by dumping hundreds of gallons of marine diesel and engine oil into the water as well as treated wood, plastics, fiberglass, etc. The bay naturally cleans itself out with the ocean current but for the last year it has been unable to keep up with the amount of pollutants coming from upstream as well as washing ashore.   Let’s join together to help Moloa’a Bay and Beach!

Journey Results from the Group:

I worked with a particular ancestor of the land of Kauai.   We walked to the river mouth and she started to cry.   Many tears as we began to walk upstream through the river.    Sadness and despair were palpable.   I was shown the consciousness of those who lived by the stream in relation to the stream itself and the thought forms that they hold about the water.   For the stream they mainly view it as a nuisance.  Something that floods, that breeds mosquitoes, that creates inconveniences.  Bridges must be built across the stream to drive cars onto their property and sometimes these bridges need repair or replacement which costs money and takes time.   The people who live by this stream have little or no reverence for the spirit of the stream nor do they respect the Spirit of Water as the Giver of Life.   Even those who view the stream favorably do so predominantly for monetary reasons.    No one makes offerings or says prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Then we went to the ocean and out to sea where I was shown fishermen with the same lack of reverence and disrespect for that which gives them sustenance.   Garbage is thrown overboard.   They curse when the catch isn't large enough for their liking.   Rarely or never do they exhibit gratitude for the gifts of life, the gifts of the ocean – their life is one of struggle and emptiness of spirit; even when there is financial windfall.   On the rare occasions when they pray to the Spirit of the Ocean or the powers of the earth, they do so from a place of fear or to ask for the fulfillment of predominantly selfish desires.   It is the same consciousness and disconnection from the web shared with the people of the valley.

Then healing was done.  The negative consciousness was taken up to source and transmuted.   A seed of thought planted in all concerned parties about giving thanks and gratitude for the water.   Let the seed to grow so that the water can be acknowledged as the life blood of all humans.  I was shown a big net outside the bay catching the pollution and taking it up where it was returned as golden light to the bay.  I was taken up the river where the ancestor of the land was dragging a net behind her and filtering out all the pollution which was then sent up to the sky and transmuted to golden light and returned to the river.  

I was told the lesson for me and all people is to learn to see sacredness in all that we do.   The act of fishing is sacred, the act of farming is sacred.  Anything we do for our livelihood must be seen as sacred;; as must simple acts like eating or drinking.  Living; our life, all life must be seen as sacred and we must learn to model and articulate this sacredness.  

Connect to the sacredness of our means of earning income and our work in the world.  Honor the Water as the Giver of Life.  Each time I drink assume the same consciousness and reverence as if I had been searching all day for water in the wilderness and finally came upon a pure source with much gratitude. Treat it with the same respect as if it was the only stream from which I could drink.

-Scott S

Bear was there and standing up waiting to go and was very excited to do this.  We went to Upper World and then I was met there by my teacher and also Red Tail Hawk and I stated my intent and immediately Bear and Red Tail Hawk and I were at the mouth of the dirty river flowing into the bay.  Bear began to suck up the dirty water and she got really big and then she spit it out into the air and Red Tail Hawk’s wings got very large and she swooped up the water and took it to the Sun and brought it back as golden droplets of water filled with light and it all dripped down into the river.  They did this three times.

Then Bear blew a large cloud of green and blue energy over the whole bay and land area  to awaken the people to be conscious of their own personal pollution and to make changes in their habits—to be aware of when they are polluting.  I pictured many local people coming out and picking up litter all along the bay.

Then I had an overwhelming sense of the need for us all to be more connected to one another as well as the land, water and sky because without this connection things will only get worse.  I also felt that each of us that are practicing shamanism should be teaching all those that are in our lives about being connected to the land, sky and water and one another.  (and like Scott said, we need to teach by example)  This was a big message in the journey.

Then Bear blew another green energy cloud over the municipal building to open up awareness to those who are in control of all the regulations that inhibit people from implementing pollution stopping systems so that they might take steps to simplify the process that people have to go through to set up new, cleaner systems, etc. 

Then I was looking at all the plastic in the ocean and on the shore and I asked if something could be done about this and Bear started chewing up all the plastic into little particles and spitting them up to Red Tail Hawk for her to sweep up with her wings and take to the Sun to be transmuted and then she brought them back as golden, light-filled, clean particles of sand and dropped them over the ocean and beach area.

-Jan C.

I was shown that we have impacted the Web of Life in a way that there is now turmoil and distrust for what we'll do next...

I was shown that I can join the "Healing for the Web" and was zipped right into my Spirit Teacher and Power Animal shining an abundance of light to Moloaa Bay and towards helping to seal in the work the collective group had already done last week! My Spirit Teacher also kind of booted me out of the way and asked me to be more idle. That there was much power in just calling to the Medicine and letting Spirit helpers do the work. I was still initiating the healing and was a conduit for the medicine. There was not anything I needed to "do"...just be with it. 

This work is essential and the collective consciousness of the group effort will help to restore our relationship to the Web of life and bring compassion and love to Nature to show our soul's connection and our reverence for the sacred ecosystem of Mother Earth. 

-Adam B.

Bald Eagle takes me to my Spiritual Teacher Michael. I asked Michael for help and healing with the areas of Moloa'a Bay and Beach that are affected by the pollution. He sees the photos of the Bay through my eyes and tells me don't worry we got this. Michael tells me to advise everyone on all the Hawaiian islands and all over the world to please put their ‘opala(trash)where it properly belongs. He says tell everyone and including you to do the share of keeping the land clean. The whole entire universe gets affected by pollution. It harms every living thing and that's pretty much everything. Michael tells me humanity does this so please remind them and you to please keep the land clean no matter where we all go and no matter where we are now. Michael says he will give healing to Moloa'a Bay and Beach and tells me not to forget to remind everyone about doing their share in putting their trash where it belongs and keeping the land clean. He says do good for the universe and the universe will be good to you.

-Diana A.


I went to the Upper World and was met by my Spirit Helpers. I relayed my intentions, to restore harmony and balance to Moloa’a Bay/ Tangled Roots and transmute the pollution there.

 I relayed all the questions as well. We went directly to Moloa’a Bay. The entire bay was covered in a cloud/blanket of purple mist. It was thick. The mist went into every part/molecule of the land. It was lifting out much debris, trees, limbs, garbage, all of its physical pain and wounds. This continued for most of the journey. The message was relayed to me that this area is very wounded from several sources, the farms above, the people who live around the area, the incoming people who are not native, and pollution coming from other locations and are sucked into the bay.  This is a global wound, as the plastics and pollution are being sucked into the bay from far away locations.

We have lost our way, our connection to Mother Earth. This is the wound we have created. We must connect back to ourselves and living in harmony with the Earth. We must reduce our use of plastics and chemicals and dumping our toxic waste. This wound is a reminder that it is critical that we wake up, reconnect to source, to our planet. She is alive and we are part of her. We are destroying her.  This is the time we must wake up, change our ways. We must stop using chemicals that harm, stop the plastic use/waste that is killing our ocean life and bringing unbalance to our planet.

After some time, the purple mist changed to blue. The purple represented extracting the pollution. The blue was sparkly, another cloud that covered every inch of the bay.  I knew that energy was being put back into the land, revitalizing her.

This is a quick fix but we must do the work. We must protect the bay. We must stop the use of materials that harm and are dumped into our water systems. We are on our way to the 6th extinction. We are in a critical time. We must individually do our part. This Shamanic work is important to transmute energy and we must also individually do our part to reduce our footprints.

The message to me was as follows:

“Cynthia, you are to focus on staying connected to Source. Act from that place in all you do. You will educate others along the way. You will be put in situations to help and educate others.  Yes, you are to go clean the polluted area you saw today on your ride. Your work is to clean our Earth. You know that! You will be given those opportunities.”

It’s my understanding that the blue twinkling energy will stay permanently on the bay for further healing. I give thanks and return.

-Cynthia T.

The lesson about Pollution- Healing and Transmutation was about Respect.

Respect with one each other and respect for the earth. I was shown a see-saw like the ones children play with on the playground, and it was not in balance.  The message was that man believes he is more than the other life forms on the planet.

I was shown that this is a false belief. Nobody and no species is more than the other; not human over nature not vice versa. Respect for each other is out of alignment. The notion of this was very sad; and I felt sad myself

Regarding the future actions:

I saw the Hummingbird twittering in the peoples ear there, like trying to give them the inspiration to do something to help the bay.  I was told it should be a common action,, like maybe cleaning the beach together, coming out of the consciousness to do something, to step into action and to give the beach back the respect.  Later i saw the picture of a big pearl or crystal ball as if the bat was recovering its natural beauty.

Regarding myself and how to live in better harmony with the Web of Life:

It was all about that the respect is also out of balance in my life but more regarding humans, and I got the notion that it is more from my side, that I am in a place where i do not originally respect most of my surroundings (work, etc.) and yes this was a huge imbalance there and something I am also aware of in ordinary life.  It was quite an impactful notion and I felt this very strongly and very uncomfortably.

-Corinna F.