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Learn Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Retreats Kauai + Shaman Training & Apprenticeships in Hawaii Shamanism Courses Hawaii + Energy Healing Retreats Kauai


Learn Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Retreats Kauai + Shaman Training & Apprenticeships in Hawaii Shamanism Courses Hawaii + Energy Healing Retreats Kauai

Shamanism Courses & Healing Retreats

Take Your Healing & Personal Growth to the Next Level

Learn to Receive Your Own Spiritual Guidance - Clearly & Directly


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Shamanic Healing Retreats on Kauai

Come join us on the magical island of Kauai for Shamanic Healing Retreats.

Circle with a group of like-minded friends & explore the breathtaking beauty of Kauai while learning the Foundations of Shamanic Healing.

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Shamanism workshops on kauai and online

The art of true self-healing.  Learn shamanic healing techniques to repair your energy body  & identify, uproot and replace self-damaging agreements & belief systems.  

Life changing & transformational Shamanism Courses & Workshops.  

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shamanic Apprenticeships For Healers

Our most complete training.  Incluldes all aspects of our shamanic personal healing training plus learning to effectively perform shamanic healing on others.  

You will discover, develop and apply your own unique gifts as a healer.

Safe & Effective

we do not use drugs of any kind in our shamanic work

We use a Simple Drum Beat to Enter Deep into the Shamanic Realms of Healing

We Return with a New Understanding of Ourselves Grounded in Physical Reality

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Shamanism Courses

Shaman Training Hawaii + Study Shamanic Healing Kauai

Shamanism Courses

Shaman Training Hawaii + Study Shamanic Healing Kauai


Hawaii Shamanism Training

Shamanic Healing Courses on Kauai


Fundamentals of Shamanism

IN THIS 5 DAY WORKSHOP YOU WILL experience shAMANIC HEALING and learn the fundamentals of shamanism SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY

Upcoming Workshop Dates

2018: Sept 17-21 + Nov 12-16

  • Ethics & Right Use of Power
  • Understanding the Medicine Wheel & Shamanic Cosmology
  • Methodology for Safe & Effective Shamanic Journeying
  • Shamanic Divination (for self & others)
  • Working with Your Power Animal & Upper World Guides
  • Understanding the Energy Body
  • Additional Shamanic Practices

Shamanic Self Protection

Redifining Boundaries with Right Relationship to Keep Ourselves clear

In order to live a healthy life we must first learn to seal our personal container and discern what to let in and what to keep out.  In this Advanced Shamanic Training, we learn to free ourselves from the patterns that have prevented us from reaching our full potential. This is an especially important training for healers and empaths. Many healers find themselves taking on the energetic and sometimes even physical symptoms of their clients.  In this training we learn to set a template that will allow us to help others while maintaining our own health, balance & vitality.

Completion of the Fundamentals of shamanism 5 day workshop is a prerequisite for enrollment


Commanding the 2nd Attention: Reclaiming Our Sovereignty & Personal Power

This Advanced Shamanic Training builds on what we learn in the Shamanic Self-Protection course.

We learn to redefine our agreements about ourselves, the world around us and our place within it. Learning to Command the 2nd Attention is the final and essential part of our Shamanic Personal Growth Training and a prerequisite for Advanced Shamanic Healing Techniques.

completion of Shamanic Self Protection is  a prerequisite for ENROLLMENT


Soul Retrieval & Shamanic Healing Techniques

Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction Technique & more

After having cultivated a solid foundation in our own healing and grounding we are ready to learn techniques for helping others. Based on the shamanic principal of healing the spirit; Shamanic Extraction Technique and Soul Retrieval are core componenets of removing the blocakges to the smooth and efficient flow of life force energy and regaining health and vitality previously lost in life's traumas.

Completion of the Fundamentals of Shamanism and both sections of the Shamanic Personal Growth Training are prerequisites to enrollment


Shamanic Energy Healing

gain a comprehensive understanding of the energy body & its functions

Upcoming Workshop Dates

May 24-25, 2018

In this intensive training, we learn to sense & work with the Energy Body; identify & remove blockages; understand the Chakras and their functions; Establish the Ground PathSeal & Protect Ourselves & Othersand Shamanic Healing methods to Restore Proper Flow, Grounding, Connection & Balance.

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Shamanic Nature Immersion - Listening to the Voices of Nature

cultivating right relationship within the web of life

In this Nature Based Workshop we learn to Cultivate Relationships with the Spirits of the Land, Plant Allies & Global Elemental Spirits.  We will learn to transmute pollution in the environment as well as within ourselves and others in order to help restore balance to the web of life.


Many of these course offerings are available via online video learning

For more information about Online Shamanism Courses please click here

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Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

Shaman Training in Hawaii

Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

Shaman Training in Hawaii


Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship Program


The Shamanic Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship Program is designed to guide students through the process of unveiling each individuals unique healing abilities in a safe and grounded manner.  Every human being, as our birth right, is given the innate ability to connect directly to source energy, ground that energy into mother earth and direct that energy for a purpose.   The Shamanic Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship Program is a step by step method of removing blockages to the flow of spiritual energy within us while simultaneously learning how to ground that spiritual energy into the physical world to create lasting positive change. 

We encourage the development of each individual student’s unique gifts and help each student develop their own language to communicate directly with Spirit. We acknowledge that Spirit speaks to each one of us in unique ways and that all ways of authentic communication with benign spiritual forces are valid methods of shamanic practice. 

Every step of the Shamanic Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship Program is built on the foundations of the previous step and thus a pathway is created for us to reach and fulfill our full potential as healers and humans.   

The first step of the training is the Fundamentals of Shamanism & Shamanic Journeywork.  Generally taught in a 5 day intensive workshop setting; this workshop sets the foundations for us to use shamanic healing techniques safely and effectively.

Building on the Fundamentals of Shamanism we move into the personal growth portion of the apprenticeship.  Unique to Shamanic Spirit Medicine; our Shamanic Personal Growth Training is based on the real world experience of teaching students to overcome the struggles that many healers experience to keep their own personal space clear while helping others.  Comprising of two segments (Shamanic Self Protection and Commanding the Second Attention) spread over the course of 3-5 months of study; our Shamanic Personal Growth Training is the most confronting and fully transformative portion of the Shamanic Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship Program.  In the personal growth training, we face our vulnerabilities from their origin, uproot them and move forward with new agreements that allow us to achieve an unprecedented level of fulfilling our potential.

Once we have developed our own personal container to sufficient strength; we are prepared to learn Shamanic Healing Techniques from a position of empowerment and right relationship.  Shamanic Energy Healing, Extraction Technique, Soul Retrieval and other Shamanic Healing Techniques are all included as part of the curriculum. This section of training culminates with every apprentice observing and performing Shamanic Healing Sessions on volunteer models as well as instruction on how to further develop each individual’s unique gifts as a healer, establish a healing practice, and guidance about concrete action steps on the path forward.

Elective training in Shamanic Nature Immersion, Plant Spirit Medicine and working with the Nature Spirits is available on a case by case basis Shamanic Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship Program.  The culmination of the Shamanic Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship Program is every student developing their own unique talents in a way that is mutually supportive of the healer, client & web of life.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey!

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Shamanism Retreats Kauai

Shamanism Retreats in Hawaii - Shamanic Healing Retreats

Shamanism Retreats Kauai

Shamanism Retreats in Hawaii - Shamanic Healing Retreats

The Foundations of Shamanic Healing Retreat on Kauai

Shamanism Retreats on Hawaii's Garden Isle

join us for a life changing experience

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Training in Shamanic Journey Work & The Foundations of Shamanic Healing

nature retreats hawaii shamanism.jpg

A Truly Special Opportunity


Kauai from a Shamanic Perspective



Explore the Magical Beauty of Kauai

Experience the Land & Nature Spirits of Hawaii from a Shamanic Perspective

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Foundations of Shamanic Healing Retreats on Kauai

Shamanism Training in Hawaii

Nature Immersion

Epic Beauty

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Fundamentals of Shamanism

5 Day Workshop

Fundamentals of Shamanism

5 Day Workshop

Take Your Healing & Personal Growth to the Next Level

Life-Changing 5 Day Workshop

2018 Workshop Dates: April 16-20 + Sept 17-21 + Nov 12-16

"This Was the Best Thing I Have Ever Done for Myself!"

-Cynthia T.  (Minneapolis, Mn)

Experience Shamanic Healing



A Grounded & Authentic Shamanic Practice

"If you’re a Looking for a Course which Alters Life at a Soul Level, You’re in Incredibly Good Hands"

-Clare W. (Sydney, Australia)


We use a Simple Drum Beat to Enter Deep into the Shamanic Realms of Healing

We return with a New Understanding of Ourselves Grounded in Physical Reality

"Scott is a Wonderful and Very Compassionate Teacher, Mentor and Man.

If you are Thinking of Taking this Course, Don’t Hesitate, He is the Real Deal.

Together with his Wonderful and Equally Brilliant wife Penelope who has Contributed so much to my Development as a Woman and Healer too, you will Unravel Your Own Strength, Wisdom and Power and will be Able to Navigate through Life with so much more Clarity and Serenity."

-Christina K. (Leeds, England)

Topics Include:

  • Ethics and the Right Use of Power
  • Methodology for Safe & Effective Shamanic Journeying to the Upper and Lower Worlds
  • Understanding the Medicine Wheel & Shamanic Cosmology
  • Spiritual Grounding
  • Connecting with the Spirits of the Land
  • Invocation, Ceremony and Proper Preparation
  • Raising Power
  • Working with your Power Animals & Upper World Guides
  • Shamanic Divination (for self and others)
  • Scanning & Understanding the Energy Body
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • and Much More!

"The work Scott is doing is Urgently Needed. 


He is One of the Truest Bridges Between the Grounded Everyday Navigations of Life & the Esoteric Aspects of Healing in Shamanic Journeywork


-Lao K (Seattle, Wa)

$100 Discount for Early Registration

30 days before the start of your workshop

Price: $1035 (includes tax)

$935 for Early registration

Enrollment is Limited to 8 Students per Workshop

Fundamentals of Shamanism + 5 Day Workshop on Kauai

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Here's What Our Shamanic Healing Students Say

I’d don’t have enough space here to convey the full depth of the beneficial impact Scott’s Shamanic Healing sessions and coursework have had. His teachings have benefited me directly both personally and in my marriage.

The work Scott is doing is urgently needed as he is one of the truest bridges between the grounded everyday navigations of life and the esoteric aspects of healing in Shamanic Journeywork.

If you have come this far to look at this training something inside of you is ready and open to it, and I encourage you to study with him!

Scott has given me incredible tools and confidence to be a fully embodied man with new agreements with myself—and we need more men and women connected with the healing power of source, of spirit, in all aspects of society.
— Lao K. (Seatlle, Washington)

Working with Scott has without a doubt been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Not only because his teachings are powerful and relevant but because he is a wonderful teacher that knows just how to convey his knowledge in an engaging and fun way. I have learned so much not just about shamanic healing but so much about myself.

I came to Scott as a woman who was afraid of her own strength, I was hiding in the shadows, afraid to use my voice and stand up for my beliefs, always looking out for everyone else... but me.

Working with Scott allowed me to discover and unravel my inner Goddess and allow her to shine brightly.

Scott is a wonderful and very compassionate teacher, mentor and man. If you are thinking of taking this course, don’t hesitate ‘he is the real deal’. Together with his wonderful and equally brilliant wife Penelope who has contributed so much to my development as a woman and healer too, you will unravel your own strength, wisdom and power and will be able to navigate through life with so much more clarity and serenity.

Thank you so much Scott and Penelope for your devotion and dedication to my learning and growth!
— Christina K, (Leeds, England)

Scott has certainly been gifted with the ability to share the wisdom and magic of Shamanism from the heart. He comes from a place of truth and authenticity, which is so important when it comes to this work. He delivers the teachings with humour, patience and reverence.

I studied with Scott in April 2016 and to this day I continue to use the teachings - from ceremony, to journeying, to connecting with the land. Learning from Scott and Penelope (his wife) inspired me to live and breathe the teachings, not just learn them.

If you’re a looking for a course which alters life at a soul level, you’re in incredibly good hands.
— Clare W. (Syd, Australia).

Shamanic Spirit Medicine ~ HIGHLY recommended!

I took an internship with Scott last year in Kauai. It has been the most powerful experience in my life!!!

It was a profound healing of life long trauma.

Shamanic medicine encourages and requires us to be our best selves. We become a channel for spirit, for healing ourselves and others. This work is highly transformational!

Scott also teaches QiGong! So powerful and connecting!! The combination of QiGong and these teachings was very powerful!

This was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

So, so grateful to Scott and these teachings!
— Cynthia T. (Minneapolis, Mn)