Healing The Energy Body

Learn Energy Healing, Breath & Grounding Techniques Way Beyond Reiki

Shamanic Breathing & Movement * Spiritual Grounding * Energetic Immunity

Take Your Energy Healing Practice to the Next Level

A Must Do Workshop for Empaths & Healers


Energy Body Maintenance for Empaths, Healers & Shamanic Practitioners

Establish Grounding, Balance & Connection

Transformational 3 Day Energy Healing Workshop

Upcoming Healing & The Energy Body Workshop Dates

2019: October 30-November 1 * December 11-13

2020: April 8-10 * July 15-17

Location: Kapaa on the Magical Garden Island of Kauai

Healing The Energy Body is a Must Do Class for Empaths, Massage Therapists, Shamanic Practitioners & other Holistic Healing Professionals

Learn to Master a Simple & Effective Self-Care and Spiritual Grounding Routine that Keeps you Vital, Safe and Clear while Working with Clients on a Regular Basis

Healing The Energy Body

Course Curriculum

Energy Healing Class - Day 1:

  • Breath of Vitality

  • Anatomy of the Energy Body

  • Pathways of Energy Flow

  • Learning to Lead The Energy

  • Spiritual Grounding

  • Connecting to Source

  • Understanding the Chakras

Energy Healing Class - Day 2:

  • Learning to Use the Engine that Drives Our Chi

  • Protecting Our Container

  • Finding Our Center

  • Connecting Our Center to the Earth

  • Bone Breathing

  • Chakra Healing

  • Channeling Healing Energy Into Others

  • Working with the Ground Path

Energy Healing Class - Day 3: 

  • Cultivating Direct Perception

  • Balance & Stillness

  • Clearing Intrusions in the Energy Body (Extraction Technique)

  • Keeping Ourselves Clear (as Practitioners)

  • Practice Energy Healing Session with Partners

  • Sealing Up

  • Ending a Session

Based on the Highest Form of Taoist Internal Arts, Healing The Energy Body goes Way Beyond Reiki Training at Any Level

Effectively Regulate & Strengthen Your Energy Body, Build Long Term Health & Vitality, Develop or Improve Your Sustainable Energy Healing Practice

Even though I practice alot of yoga and I teach yoga; after taking this workshop
I feel that I’ve learned to breath again
— Shona L, (London, England)

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No Prerequisite

"Scott is a Wonderful and Very Compassionate Teacher, Mentor and Man.

If you are Thinking of Taking this Course, Don’t Hesitate, He is the Real Deal.

Together with his Wonderful and Equally Brilliant wife Penelope who has Contributed so much to my Development as a Woman and Healer too, you will Unravel Your Own Strength, Wisdom and Power and will be Able to Navigate through Life with so much more Clarity and Serenity."

-Christina K. (Leeds, England)

$60 Discount for Early Registration



Enrollment is Limited * 8 Students per Workshop

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