Statement of Intent

Our Vision is that our Work to Contributes Positively to the Healing and Preservation of the Web of Life.

Shamanism is a Gift for All People, a gift for everyone who wishes to use this Medicine in Right Relationship with the Intention of making a Positive Contribution to the Healing & Preservation of the Web of Life.

By teaching this work and sharing the tools that help others to cultivate their own unique gifts; we are able to fulfill our higher purpose of helping to heal and preserve the Web of Life in a more profound and effective way.

Creator, allow this Good Medicine to spread through the Web of Life and to Bring Harmony, Healing and Balance to all that it touches.

What We Teach and What We Don’t

We teach each individual to access and enhance their own unique direct connection with Creator on a personal level and to ground that connection into physical reality with the intention of generating positive change.  

We support your development by teaching you tools and techniques that are time-tested, safe and effective.  We do not attempt to impose our interpretations on the visions that you receive but we will help you learn how to find these answers for yourself.  We will not “guide” your shamanic journeys; nor will we “suggest” what Spirit is attempting to communicate with you.  We will teach you a precise methodology for accessing your Spirit Mind directly and a framework for asking questions of spirit so that you can receive these communications for yourself, directly, without distortion. 

There is No Hierarchy in What We Teach

Each Person’s Guidance from Spirit is Honored as Equally Valid

That Which Belongs to All vs. That Which Belongs to a Culture

We teach only that which belongs to all people; that which is every person’s sovereign birthright.

We do not teach or practice culturally specific ceremonies such as sweat lodge as these ceremonies belong to the specific culture from which they originate and as such should be performed by someone trained and initiated within the context of that culture.

What we do teach is how to Reclaim Your Spiritual Sovereignty from Energy Vampires; how to Communicate Directly with Creator and discover your Path of Right Relationship; how to Develop and Maintain Spiritual Grounding; and how to Cultivate your Personal Health, Vitality, Wellness, and Balance while simultaneously caring for others. 

Scott Silverston

There were times in my life when I was stuck, repeating the same patterns over and over again, blind to what was blocking me and unable to find my way out of the maze.   Shamanic Healing provided me with the ability to understand the situation with a new perspective and to gain freedom from my previous limitations.  The healing and transformation I have experienced in my life is profound.  I offer my service to you because I wish to share this light; to help restore health, balance and harmony to those who seek such healing; and because I was born with a gift that enables me to contribute positively to others and to the web of life.

I have been studying and practicing Shamanism and Energy Healing since 1996.  As my study and practice of Shamanism has evolved over time; I have come to understand that Great Spirit gives each person a unique combination of gifts and talents.

In addition to my background in Shamanism, I am a graduate of Duke University (BA Economics), the National Outdoor Leadership School (Outdoor Educator) and the California College of Ayurveda (Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist).  I am a legally ordained minister and a teacher of Tai Chi, Meditation & Qi Gong on Kauai where I reside full time with my wife Penelope and my daughter Mohalapua. 

I am also the author of a Shamanic Oracle Book titled Voices of the Earth.  Voices of the Earth is a story of transformation and empowerment conveyed via a collection of teachings and insights that I received while immersed in the Shamanic State of Consciousness.

I look forward to helping you cultivate your unique gifts and reach your full potential.

Penelope Law

My wife, Penelope is a truly gifted healer and facilitator who has been practicing Shamanism & Shamanic Healing since 2013.   Her acute insight and intuitive awareness of each individual's learning experience provide invaluable additions to the course work as well as a female perspective.   

Penelope has extensive experience in Shamanic Bodywork, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and Hawaiian Shamanism.   Penelope is an experienced practitioner of Bowen Therapy and the Emmett Technique; having practiced professionally in the healing arts since 1999.

Penelope’s unique Shamanic Bodywork Sessions include both Shamanic Journeywork and Bowen Therapy resulting in a deeply healing & transformative experience for mind, body & soul.  She provides a deeply nurturing, relaxing, and rejuvenative experience, and clients often comment on how deeply transformative it is.

Penelope specializes in Past Life healing; assisting people to transform long standing patterns that often originate before this current lifetime.  Penelope creates and exceptionally safe, deeply nurturing and relaxing container in which you can let go and allow your body to heal in a truly transformative way.

Born and raised in Australia, Penelope moved to Kauai in 2013, where Scott and she married.  Teaching together with Scott, they bring over 40 years of collective experience in the healing arts. The joy of teaching as a couple, often drawing on and sharing our own personal experiences, inspires and empowers others.

Penelope feels deeply honored to be able to share this healing work with people, and holds a strong vision to positively impact the world by helping to free, inspire, uplift and empower others.

If you would like to order a copy of Voices of the Earth, please click the link above or on the photo

This book is BEAUTIFUL in all ways!

If you are looking for ways to further connect with the Universe and all the Earth's creatures and elements...look no further.

I consult this book every day to set the tone of my day and open my eyes, ears and heart a little further.

-J. Drew-Steiner

Voices of the Earth is the perfect gift for anyone seeking self-empowerment and greater connection to source.

-Collegian Travel & Adventure Magazine