There were times in my life when I was stuck, repeating the same patterns over and over again, blind to what was blocking me and unable to find my way out of the maze.   Shamanic Healing provided me with the ability to understand the situation with a new perspective and to gain freedom from my previous limitations.  The healing and transformation I have experienced  in my life is profound.  I offer my service to you because I wish to share this light; to help restore health, balance and harmony to those who seek such healing; and because I was born with a gift that enables me to contribute positively to others and to the web of life.

I have been studying and practicing Shamanism and Energy Healing since 1996.  As my study and practice of Shamanism has evolved over time; I have come to understand that Great Spirit gives each person a unique combination of gifts and talents.  I call my unique style of healing Shamanic Spirit Medicine and it encompasses techniques that I have learned from many teachers as well as those that I have learned through my direct experience of helping others.

I have made many pilgrimages into nature both alone and guiding others in the art and skills of nature awareness and channeling the power of nature for healing and spiritual growth.   Nature immersion is a source of great clarity and power in my life as well as a source of great inspiration for me.  Although I was born and raised in New York City, I am most at home in the wilderness.

In addition to my background in Shamanism, I am a graduate of Duke University (BA Economics), the National Outdoor Leadership School (Outdoor Educator) and the California College of Ayurveda (Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist).  I am a legally ordained minister and a teacher of Tai Chi, Meditation & Qi Gong on Kauai where I reside full time with my wife and daughter. 

I am also the author of a Shamanic Oracle Book titled Voices of the Earth.  Voices of the Earth is a story of transformation and empowerment conveyed via a collection of teachings and insights that I received while immersed in nature.

I look forward to helping you along your path of healing and harmony.


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If you are looking for ways to further connect with the Universe and all the Earth's creatures and elements...look no further.

I consult this book every day to set the tone of my day and open my eyes, ears and heart a little further.

-J. Drew-Steiner

Voices of the Earth is the perfect gift for anyone seeking self-empowerment and greater connection to source.

-Collegian Travel & Adventure Magazine