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Learn the Fundamental Skills of Shamanism

Develop a Grounded and Authentic Personal Shamanic Practice

Authentic Power is Derived from Right Alignment

Learn Effective Techniques to Cultivate Right Alignment & Direct Connection to Source

Personal Power Devleops as a Natural Consequence of Enhanced Connection and Right Relationship

Note: we do not use plant medicines or drugs of any kind

We use a Simple Drum Beat to Enter Deep into the Shamanic Realms of Healing

We return with a New Understanding of Ourselves Grounded in Physical Reality

Topics Include:

  • Ethics and the Right Use of Power
  • Basic Methodology for Journey Work to both the Upper and Lower Worlds
  • Understanding the Medicine Wheel, 4 Directions, Bridging Heaven & Earth
  • Spiritual Grounding
  • Connecting with the Spirits of the Land
  • Invocation, Ceremony and Proper Preparation
  • Raising Power
  • Meeting your Power Animal
  • Meeting your Upper World Teacher
  • Protecting Yourself, Keeping Yourself Clear, Self-Care
  • Scanning your own Energy Body
  • Divination (for self and others)
  • Power Animal Retrieval

    Dates: December 11-15, 2017

    • 8-9am * Qigong (optional)

    • 9-10am * break

    • 10am-1pm * Fundamentals of Shamanism Course Work

    • after 1pm * free time

    Location: Kapa'a on the Magical Garden Island of Kaua'i

    Price: $895

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    The Fundamentals of Shamanic Healing Course is a pre-requisite for all further courses of study including:

    • The Fundamentals of Shamanic Personal Growth
    • Shamanic Self-Protection for Healers
    • Advanced Shamanic Self Healing
    • Shamanic Energy Healing
    • Advanced Shamanic Healing Techniques

    Feedback from Our Students

    Working with Scott has without a doubt been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Not only because his teachings are powerful and relevant but because he is a wonderful teacher that knows just how to convey his knowledge in an engaging and fun way.

    I have learned so much not just about shamanic healing but also so much about myself.

    I came to Scott as a woman who was afraid of her own strength, I was hiding in the shadows, afraid to use my voice and stand up for my beliefs, always looking out for everyone else... but me. Working with Scott allowed me to discover and unravel my inner Goddess and allow her to shine brightly.

    Scott is a wonderful and very compassionate teacher, mentor and man. If you are thinking of taking this course, don’t hesitate ‘he is the real deal’.

    Together with his wonderful and equally brilliant wife Penelope, who has contributed so much to my development as a woman and healer too, you will unravel your own strength, wisdom and power and will be able to navigate through life with so much more clarity and serenity.

    Thank you so much Scott and Penelope for your devotion and dedication to my learning and growth!
    — Christina K. (Leeds, England)

    I don’t have enough space here to convey the full depth of the beneficial impact Scott’s Shamanic Healing sessions and coursework have had. His teachings have benefited me directly both personally and in my marriage.

    The work Scott is doing is urgently needed as he is one of the truest bridges between the grounded everyday navigations of life and the esoteric aspects of healing in Shamanic Journeywork.

    If you have come this far to look at this event, something inside of you is ready and open to it, and I encourage you to study with him! He has given me incredible tools and confidence to be a fully embodied man with new agreements with myself—and we need more men and women connected with the healing power of source, of spirit, in all aspects of society.
    — Lao K (Seattle, Wa)

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